Compliance & Audit

Does your company store or handle credit card information or personal health records of any kind?  When was the last time your network was tested for vulnerabilities by a fresh set of eyes?  In Tandem can help you comply


The loss of customer credit card data would not only hurt your business standing but could also bring large fines and legal action.  Have you taken the steps necessary to protect your company from loss?  In Tandem can conduct an audit on your behalf or help you execute on your compliance strategy.


When was the last time you conducted an employee training on your company's EPHI policies?  How will the new Mega Rule impact your next technology project?  Are your IT vendors HIPAA compliant?  Customer privacy has always been a priority of your business, but now with new federal regulation even an honest mistake can put your entire business at risk due to fines and legal action.  

Overall Security

Network security practices are constantly adapting.  Unless you or your staff are actively updating your skills even the best security plan will rapidly loose its efficacy. Additionally are you taking the time to execute on the ongoing changes required to stay up to date?  Without attention to detail your whole effort could be for naught.  Network security is one of our strengths.  Let us lend you a hand.

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