vCIO Services

Strategic Planning

Are your short and medium term decisions leading you to your long term objectives? What is the state of your five year technology plan. Without one how do you know you are making progress? All too often technology decisions are made purely to address an individual problem. When that occurs opportunities to promote corporate strategy are lost.

CIO Services

vCIO Services

Are you investing the right amount of resources to address the opportunities before you? The overall number may be appropriate, but the resource mix is often wrong. If you are overspending ‘to keep the lights on’ where will your break through improvements come from? Or how will you keep your staff at top productivity? Together, we can review your expenses and help you right-size your budget. A thoughtful analysis may actually help you spend less on technology and redirect those dollars to sales, development, or the bottom line.


We can assist you in your technology staff hiring process. Maybe it’s as simple as sitting down and helping draft a position profile or it may involve reviewing your needs as well as interviewing and critiquing your candidate pool. Either way, In Tandem has the expertise to make your hiring decisions much easier.

Vendor Management/Procurement

Are you getting the best value from your vendors or are your vendors getting the best of you? If you don’t have subject expertise in all of your vendor’s areas how are you to know?


If you have not conducted a telecom review this year we can guarantee you are either spending more than you need to or your are underutilizing your telecom resources.

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