Professional and Managed Services


Dramatically cut costs through server virtualization. Additionally you can significantly improve your Disaster Preparedness stance by running virtual servers.

Professional and Managed Services

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

What is the cost of downtime to your organization? Lost sales? Lost productivity? Compliance failure? Lost laptop, Fried Hard Drive, Virus Infection, or worse; Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. In Tandem can Right Size your DR plan and help protect your business in the event of a disaster.


Do you have a tablet strategy for your business? Have you taken steps to secure your data that resides on the personal devices of your employees? Should you let your staff use their own devices or should you be issuing company ones?

Project Management

Your team has the skills needed to execute your project, but do you have the time to oversee the project to completion while growing your business. In Tandem can help you fill the gaps in your technology project.

Asset Management

Is asset management always falling to the wayside due to other priorities? Is your server room full of old equipment that you just don’t have time to dispose of properly? We can help you address those items to get you back on track and have one less thing clouding up your to do list.

Network & Server Monitoring

Who is watching your systems after hours? What happens if a server crashes in the middle of the night? Will your staff be waiting around to work until someone shows up to fix things? Often that loss of productivity could have been avoided.

Patch Management

When is the last time you updated your software applications or operating systems? An unpatched server is a security vulnerability waiting to happen. Are the endless updates to your Internet browsers and your basic application keep your staff spinning in place? We can help you get a handle on it all and execute on a proactive plan to keep your systems running smoothly.

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