Cloud Computing

Ever since you signed up for your first Internet email account you have been taking advantage of The Cloud. It’s that simple. Cloud Computing means your data and or applications reside or run somewhere other than your office.

How can that help me?

Similar to when you handed over your personal email management to an Internet provider you can have an organization like Microsoft or Google do the same thing for your corporate email. They can probably do so more cheaply than you can and with greater resilience. Additionally those limited budget dollars of yours can be redirected to higher return investments.

In Tandem can help you develop your cloud strategy as well as execute on it when you are ready.

Office 365

Microsoft offers a whole line of cloud resources. We can help you dip your toes in the water with email or jump right in with services like Live Meeting, Link, and the whole Office Suite or even telephony.

Cloud Computing

Offsite Backup

If you aren’t backing up offsite you are putting your company at risk. We can help you find the best off site backup solution and get you on the right track.

Maybe you would just like someone to explain your options or maybe you would like to have your cloud solution fully managed for you. Either way – give us a call.

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