Software Development

In Tandem offers a comprehensive suite of software development services. From bespoke solutions to platform customizations like Salesforce or SharePoint, to maintaining your current solutions, our software engineers can provide the support and service you need.


Despite its name, Salesforce isn’t just for sales. It is a robust platform for custom or semi-custom development with a whole supporting ecosystem of products from Salesforce and third-party vendors. We help clients migrate their line of business applications to Salesforce, taking advantage of its flexibility, cloud availability, and security features.

SQL and PowerBI

SQL is the workhorse of modern database applications due to its robust scalable performance, large developer base, security, and existing integrations to almost any third-party application. PowerBI, as its name implies, takes the strengths of SQL and makes it accessible to the non DBA’s in your organization. Our team can create, modify, and maintain your database systems and present the benefits of customized PowerBI Dashboards to your staff. Helping them make more timely and accurate business decisions.

Integrations and API’s

An application’s value can increase exponentially as it can interact with other applications and databases. In Tandem can help you connect your data and processes without reinventing the wheel to increase the efficiency of your staff and your technology budget.

Custom Development

Sometimes the right tool for a business need is a custom one. When your specifications don’t align with off the shelf software, InTandem can deliver a fully bespoke solution coded in a variety of languages with a support team to back up your production instance.