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Cafeicultura Magazine

We played a pivotal role in the successful relaunch of the website The project presented a unique set of challenges, as the existing website was entirely written in PHP and hosted approximately 70,000 posts, each structured differently from WordPress.

In the course of this endeavor, our team leveraged our profound expertise in MySQL database manipulation, essentially performing a complex “translation” of the entire legacy structure to make it seamlessly compatible with WordPress. This transformation significantly enhanced the website’s performance, transitioning it from a D grade to an impressive A rating on GTMetrix. The migration from the older PHP version (5.6) to a newer one was executed seamlessly, without any compromise to the site’s core functionality.

Moreover, we introduced several new features to the site, which were unattainable within the constraints of the old structure. These enhancements greatly improved the experience for administrators and end-users alike. Furthermore, we successfully executed the intricate task of redirecting more than 70,000 URLs to maintain the site’s search relevance on Google.

Our team’s deep knowledge and proficiency with WordPress, combined with their expertise in database management, were instrumental in bringing this ambitious project to fruition, ultimately resulting in a substantially improved website.

Skills: Plugin Development · Node.js · npm · Figma (Software) · Desenvolvimento WordPress · Scss · Webpack · JavaScript · WordPress · PHP · HTML5 · MySQL · CSS

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